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Powder Coating

What are the advantages of powder coating?

Powder coating is more resistant to scratching and fading, so handling-related damage to the finish is reduced. Powder coated finishes can usually provide better single-pass coverage than conventional liquid coatings without the risk of imperfections. This allows us to produce a much thicker finish coating than conventional liquid coating without running or sagging.

Challenging areas, such as the sharp edges of fabricated parts, are easy to cover with powder coating. As the product cures, the thermal bonding process used in powder coating results in a more seamless and durable finish than conventional wet spray painting.

There are also over 1,200 colors available and include a variety of color and texture selections to make products and parts look exceptional. In addition, it is great for the environment. Conventional powder coating material contains no solvents, emit almost no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and do not contribute to air pollution or ozone depletion.